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Give Liberally

Give Liberally is a community support program started by The Liberal Artist as a way to give back to the progressive nonprofit organizations that are fighting for a better future for all.   

How does this program work?
After customers enter the checkout, they are asked to select a nonprofit to support from a predetermined drop down list. After choosing an option, the selected organization receives a minimum of 10% of the sale from the total purchase. Participating nonprofits receive their donations on a quarterly basis.  

How do I register to become a selected nonprofit?
Nonprofit organizations dedicated to issues related to civil liberties, justice and equality for all are invited to apply for inclusion in Give Liberally program. Participation is granted at the discretion of The Liberal Artist. 

What do you expect in return?
This is a partnership so we want both parties to benefit. Our goal of this program is both to educate people about important progressive issues and to generate funding for partnering organizations.  Participating organizations are expected to promote the program to its constituents in order to drive traffic to our website and social media platforms.  

Ready to apply or have questions? Contact Dawn@TheLiberalArtist.com. 

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